Summer brings yard sale season



School is out and summer is here; to bargain hunters, this also means it is yard sale season. Yard sales, garage sales, or tag sales – no matter what you choose to call them – have become a summer weekend custom all over the country. Whether hosting their own or searching for a great deal, people love yard sales. What is it about these bargain markets that people enjoy? Is it the heaps of clothes, the furniture, or perhaps knickknacks to fill their shelves?

Someone once said, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Many people search yard sales to find original collectibles that the seller does not see the value in. Often times, people just enjoy the thrill of finding newer items cheaper than they would at a store. Last weekend, Blount County was swarming with yard sales. The most commonly displayed items were clothes, dish sets, and furniture. Patrons seemed to flock to the big-ticket items first, such as furniture, electronics, and vehicles. The most common items purchased were collectibles, home décor, and furniture. People seemed to enjoy haggling the seller for a lower price and sellers tended to be more open to lowering their prices closer to the end of the day. As the day concluded, most hosts found themselves with a large number of clothing and children’s toys remaining.

According to a poll by, stuffed animals, televisions, and magazines are customers’ least-favorite items. The same study found that tools, collectibles, and sports equipment were customers’ favorite items. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on hosting your own yard sale this summer.