‘Strip clubs? Can’t even get a bowling alley’

People are strictly amazing. Why is it some think, if this county went wet, that strip clubs would pop up everywhere, when we can’t even get a bowling alley or a movie theater. Everything we have had in the past was closed down. There is absolutely nothing in this county for our young people to do, and NOBODY has tried to make it any different.

If we are supposed to be getting all this money for staying dry, where is it going? I see nothing to prove it! Why has it not gone for something that the kids would enjoy? Then they would not have to leave and go into a WET county for something to do, where they are around the things you are using for your examples.

Blount County is a good place to live, but it is filled with citizens who see only one side of things or are in denial of what goes on around them. We have a lot of problems in this county. Why? Because we have human beings living here. This county is not as PERFECT as some want to think and the use of alcohol is only one of the problems.

Since this WET/NO issue has been started, there has been a lot of disagreements and down-right nasty remarks made. Some people have even been threatened. Doesn’t that prove right there that we are not without sin, like some would like to believe?

Most people leave this county all the time, either working, shopping, and what I mentioned above. Does that mean that everyone buys alcohol products? NO! Although some do, no one is perfect. I don’t think that people who are going over the county line for whatever reasons and are against this county going wet even realize that the message they are sending out to the kids and everyone else is, “I am against my home county going wet, BUT, it is ok to hang around in a county that is full of the same things that I don’t approve of and will not have where I live.” NOW ISN’T THAT BEING SOMEWHAT OF A HYPOCRITE?

Do not criticize others for wanting this county to go wet, when you support counties that are, every time you spend your time and money in them. Do not refer to there being more violence, when some of you are threatening your own neighbors over this issue.

My family is neither yea or nay but we do know what is. Maybe you should take a look around and you will see for yourself that we are not more SPECIAL than any other county!
Alan Pate
Locust Fork