As a member of the Oneonta community for 23 years, I have always loved being here. I buried my husband here, my kids went to school here, and I have never wanted to be anywhere else, until I saw the real spirit of some of the people here.

In the aftermath of the recent storms, I expected our community as always to rally around the people in need. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in some of them.

On the day after the recent storm, the people from Blountsville and Cullman started coming here to get needed supplies they can’t get where they live. I saw what some people will do to make a dollar. Most of the gas stations had raised their prices by 25 cents a gallon. I don’t know how much the ice and batteries and other necessary supplies went up but it sickened me to see the greediness of some.

It is my hope that when the crisis has subsided the people of Oneonta, who by the way keep these stations open on a daily basis, will have a very long memory. I for one will not buy from these people ever again, even if I live here 23 more years. It is my sincere hope that you will join me so that what they make on the backs of these people they will lose in the end.

My prayers are with all the people who are trying to cope with this tragedy.

HG Terry