St. Clair County vs. Blount County:

Battleground for unit-system debate

St. Clair County operates on the unit system, with part-time county commissioners and county road maintenance consolidated under a road superintendent reporting to the county engineer. Blount County operates under the district system with full-time county commissioners, each responsible for road maintenance in his own district, each with an equipment pool and a county road crew of six employees.

Comparisons of the two different forms of organization are inevitable. Below are some comparisons that emerged during the Ryan/Spraggins/Green interview.
St. Clair County Blount County
Population of county, 2006 75, 232 56,436
Miles of county road maintained 550 1100
Number of bridges maintained 60 118
Number of county road crew employees 30 42
2009 road maintenance budget $4.0 million $4.4 million
Annual revenues applicable to roads $4 million $4 million
Net depreciated asset value of road (2007) (2008)
construction equipment $2.4 million $2.15 million*
Total county debt $14.9 million $1.2 million
*excludes assets valued at less than $5000.