Spring Carnival this week!



Drop Zone. Drop Tower. Scream Zone. Free Fall. This ride has been called all those names and a lot more less printable ones when the bottom drops out. It will be prominently featured among the 18 or so rides at this week’s Spring Carnival. Place is the Blount County- Oneonta Agri-Business Center. Time is 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. each night, Thursday through Saturday, May 18, 19, and 20. Admission is $20 for an armband entitling the wearer to unlimited rides ($15 if you’re fortunate enough to have gotten hold of a $5 discount coupon distributed around the county in the days before the carnival arrives). Or you can come in and walk around for free, and purchase tickets for individual rides if you like.

“This will be a bigger carnival this year with more rides and bigger rides,” said Agri-Business Center director Chase Moore. “It’ll be practically as big as the fair in the fall as far as the number of rides,” he added. Here’s a list of rides, most if not all, of which will make their appearance: Wheel, Vertigo, 1001 Nights, Starship, Himalaya, The Clam, Hurricane, Scrambler, Drop Zone/Free Fall, and many more. Kiddie rides, too.

-Ron Gholson