Spooktacular Halloween trivia


Halloween is one of the most popular holidays celebrated. From dressing up as a favorite character, to painting pumpkins and going trick-or-treating, young and old alike have fun throughout the month of October before turning their thoughts to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

And while the celebrations continue, there are many interesting facts and fun trivia that you may or may not know about Halloween. Below are just a few trivia questions. See just how much you know about Halloween. The answers are listed at the bottom of the page so you won’t stay in suspense.

1.We all know that Halloween is celebrated on October 31, but do you know the original meaning of Halloween celebrations?

2.Pumpkins are by far the most recognized vegetable associated with Halloween, but what vegetable was used to make Jack-O-Lanterns before the use of pumpkins?

3. What does the word Samhainophobia mean?

4. Where did the game of apple bobbing originate?

5. What is the name of Ireland’s traditional Halloween bread?

6. What state produces the most pumpkins?

7. When was “Monster Mash” first recorded and who are the guests of the Halloween party according to the lyrics?

8.Michael Myers’ mask in Halloween was that of what famous actor?

9.What was the original name of candy corn?

10. Where did real mummies originate?

11. What two candy bars were the first to come in fun size?

12. How many pounds of chocolate are sold during Halloween week?

13.What is the most popular Halloween candy in America?

14. Why did the tradition of dressing up for Halloween begin?

15.What common kitchen ingredient do you carry in your pocket to protect you from evil on Halloween?