Something for everyone

64th Annual Blount County Fair



Thrilling rides, yummy food and treats, entertainment, and fun for all ages – its fair time!

The Blount County-Oneonta Agri- Business Center building and grounds are presently covered with over 20 amusement rides, fair booths, food trucks, and exhibits by youth clubs, service organizations, and individuals.

Utilizing a new amusement company, this year’s fair is expected to be better than ever. Paradise Amusements is offering more “thrill-seeking” rides that appeal to teens and those young at heart, as well as several kiddie rides for the younger population.

Agri-Business Center Director Chase Moore said, “This amusement group is truly a remarkable group of people. They are so nice and so friendly. They do whatever it takes to make the fair a success. They are family-owned and operated and very family-oriented.”

Moore said fairgoers could expect this year’s rides to have more colorful and brighter lighting, as they are equipped with LED lights. He also said the fair workers, hired solely by Paradise Amusements, are true carnies. They travel with Paradise Amusements and can easily be identified by their uniforms.

With over 100 volunteers who help register exhibit items, work the ticket booths, provide security, and monitor the items on display, Moore is thankful to those who help make the fair a success. There is an enormous amount of work by volunteers that goes on behind the scenes. No job is insignificant or goes unnoticed.

This year’s fair admission is $5 for anyone who enters the gates. Those who wish to ride will also need to purchase an armband for $10. It should be noted that children under 32 inches in height cannot ride due to insurance restrictions and for the safety of the child. Some of the bigger rides also have other height restrictions.

The fair runs through Sept. 16 and opens each day at 5 p.m. For more information, contact the Agri-Business Center at 274- 8839.