Soldier says thanks

I wanted to take this time and say a special thank you to a group of volunteers that have been instrumental with sending packages to soldiers deployed overseas. Operation Grateful Heart has a small group of volunteers who work out of the Blount County Museum in Oneonta, run by Amy Rhudy.

I have personally used this group several times and they have mailed off over 25 packages within the last two years to soldiers from north Alabama who serve in the Alabama Army National Guard. Mrs. Rhudy and her volunteers take the packages that are ready to be shipped and make sure they get to the post office in a timely manner so our soldiers can enjoy some small comforts from home. Many people have used their services over the past 10 years while our nation has been at war to mail care packages off to family and friends who have been deployed.

I personally know what it is like to be away from home thousands of miles and get a surprise package from home. It is like Christmas every time and makes you feel like someone really cares about what you are doing.

Thank you once again to these proud Americans and their willingness to volunteer their time to military families. May God bless each of you and most of all may God bless America.

SSG Jimmy Yarbrough, Oneonta