Soil tunnel unveiled

The Blount County Soil and Water Conservation District unveiled its Soil Tunnel as a part of its booth at the 2008 Blount County Fair. Many children and some adults enjoyed crawling through the tunnel and learned about soil functions. Material for the Soil Tunnel was paid for through educational funds from the Dry Creek Watershed 319 project.

The Soil Tunnel is three feet wide by six feet long by three feet tall. It was built through the joint efforts of SWCD and NRCS employees. Inside and outside panels were painted in soil-like colors, and the inside panels were hand-painted with pictures of animals, burrows, tree roots, a water well, a septic tank, a water table, and a gravel pit. Plastic insects and animals were attached to the inside panels for a more three-dimensional feel. This is a creative way to provide environmental education for children and adults. The children can see what the world looks like below the ground surface by crawling through the tunnel with the aid of a flashlight.

The District along with NRCS is planning to use the Soil Tunnel, along with the EnviroScape, at other events and classrooms throughout the county to promote and educate about soil conservation. For more information about scheduling an event, contact our local office, 415 Fifth Avenue East, Oneonta, AL 35121, or (205) 274-2363 extension 3.