Snead votes to raise water, sewer rates

In action at their latest meeting, the Snead Town Council voted to raise water and sewer rates effective in August. Councilman Jack Freeman introduced the topic by citing rising costs the town faces for its utilities department.

In his remarks, Freeman noted the town has voted to borrow $350,000 to help pay for water and sewer expansions. He explained that with that loan and additional funds to pay off the town’s outstanding warrants with the Bank of New York, the city will face more than $6,300 a month in payments to one of the local banks.

Besides the monthly loan payment, the town must pay an 8-percent increase for water purchased from the Town of Douglas, its main water source. Beyond those matters, Freeman added that the town spent $60,000 last year on sewer improvements.

He suggested the town raise the minimum water payment $2 a month to $18.65 and the minimum sewer rate $1 to $14. He also requested an increase of 80 cents per 1000 gallons of water used above the minimum and $2.15 for each additional 1000 gallons in sewer charges.

Freeman, Mayor Curtis Painter, and councilman Phillip McHan contended the town has no real option other than the increase. McHan made the motions to introduce and adopt the resolution as outlined by Freeman. Councilman Greg Ogles and Freeman seconded, and the council voted unanimous assent to the moves. (Councilman Dale Snead did not attend the June 10 meeting).