Snead votes to cancel obligations for customers unable to use sewer

Snead councilman Jack Freeman asked that town’s council to exempt from monthly sewer charges a water customer whose sewer pump does not work. Some of the sewer pumps are not working and customers have unsuccessfully sought to have the pumps repaired, according to Freeman.

Utilities supervisor Jeff Whited reported that there are probably three other customers in similar situations. He endorsed the idea, noting, “If I’m going to pay a sewer bill, I want to be on it.”

Freeman emphasized the customer who spoke with him was not asking for any refund, only to be exempted from future charges. The council accepted the motion unanimously and advised Whited to apply the principle to other customers in the same situation.

Whited advised councilors of his inspection of request- ed culvert pipes and suggested replacement options. He also updated the council on sewer expansion work. He explained that Alabama Power had been unable to get the new expansion running because workers had hit rock in attempting to set poles. He said the company will have to bring in specialized crews to complete that job.

Of a broken sewer plant motor, Whited suggested the town buy a new smaller, more efficient model. He has had a hard time finding parts for the broken one, primarily because of its age.

Councilors agreed to allow the Snead Ninja T-ball team use of the town’s community park and provide water for their rented slide equipment. That event is scheduled for June 16.

Mayor Tim Kent and councilman Phillip McHan missed the May 14 session. The council normally meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the town community center. Members agreed to move their regular final May meeting to Tuesday due to the Memorial Day holiday at their regular time. Councilman Charles Sanders presided in Mayor Tim Kent’s absence. Members James Campbell and Curtis Painter joined Sanders and Freeman for the session.