Snead State graduates first high school LPNs

A special pinning ceremony was held Tuesday, Aug. 4, to spotlight the first class of graduates in Snead State Community College’s high school licensed practical nursing program. Fifteen area students marked this milestone in their lives on the stage of the Bevill Center Concert Hall. Among them were Delana McWhorter of Cleveland, Tiffany Robinson of Altoona, and Rachael Vaughn of Oneonta.

Students are able to earn credits applicable toward high school graduation while completing Snead’s LPN curriculum at minimal cost to them. The program is open only to high schoolers who begin the summer before their junior year. The program lasts two years, includings summers, and requires an extended school day for clinical experiences.

Graduate Barbie Chapman challenged her fellow LPNs to look not only toward continuing their education or joining the healthcare workforce but also to look at what they have achieved. “Be proud that you are an LPN. You now have a firm foundation that you can build on for years to come. Always remember that we are taking care of people, not patients,” she said.