Snead State Community College back to normal access

BOAZ – Snead State Community College is back to “normal access” on campus following the release of certain COVD-19 mandates and an increase in the number of individuals who have been vaccinated.

Though Snead State welcomed students back to campus for the spring semester, safety protocols (such as a face covering requirement and social distancing) were in place, and several classes remained online or hybrid for the semester.

“We have re-evaluated our COVID-19 safety procedures as we prepare to begin the summer semester and as we look to the fall,” said Snead State President Dr. Joe Whitmore.

“We have our facilities opened for normal access during regular business hours, and we’re no longer requiring temperature checks prior to entering a building. Masks aren’t mandatory, but we respect our students’ right to wear a face covering if they wish to in order to minimize their risk of exposure to COVID-19. We encourage anyone visiting our campus to continue to practice social distancing.”

A majority of Snead State’s summer classes are typically online, and this year’s summer semester will continue to follow that trend. However, as the college prepares for fall registration, Dr. Whitmore expects the course schedule to include a normal offering of face-to-face classes in addition to online and hybrid options.

“We have missed having students fill our classrooms and gathering on campus. Responding to the pandemic has proven to be the biggest challenge our employees and students have dealt with, but we’re looking ahead to a more normal campus life,” said Dr. Whitmore.