Snead sets session to interview for police chief

Upon questioning begun by councilor Trudy Campbell, the Snead Town Council set a called meeting for Monday, April 20, at 6 p.m. to interview applicants for the town’s open police chief position. No one clarified how the number of applicants would be winnowed to a manageable interview session.

Town clerk Rae Ware confirmed that the Alabama League of Municipalities rejected the idea of having a three-councilor committee narrow the field. Some members appeared to share fellow councilor James Freeman’s objection to public interviews. Ware noted that the league indicated Tim Kent as mayor could conduct an elimination process but that other council members could not be included in that, unless the discussion was public.


Councilors approved several purchases, the most costly of which was for Galvalume® to reroof the lunchroom and dugouts at the town ballfield. Whitley Feed and Farm Supply offered the lower bid of just under $3000 for the aluminum-zinc material. That fell almost $1000 below the other bidder FARMCO’s price. Freeman suggested the town arrange to pick up the material and save another $150.

In response to a presentation from utilities superintendent Jeff Whited, the council endorsed his request to purchase an inventory of six- and eight-inch plastic pipe to have available for emergency needs. Whited had explained that lightning had damaged 500 feet of the town’s water line the week before. He had borrowed between 300 and 400 feet from Douglas to permit a quick replacement.

The council decided to table requests from fire chief Lee Netherton for an additional chainsaw and radio for the town’s newly ordered fire truck. Kent said he was working on an equipment grant and might be able to obtain those items through that source.

Members agreed to continue the town policy of providing a dumpster for use during two weeks of the annual PALS cleanup. They also voted to purchase a service contract with Hope Appliance for the new airconditioning unit at the town hall.

Members accepted Superior Bank’s 3.75 percent interest quote to finance the new fire truck. The financing will run for five years.

Ware reported that sales tax revenues continue to lag behind last year’s. Despite that, she said, revenues were nearly the same and February’s figures were actually a little ahead of the year past.

Other matters

The council agreed to contract for repainting at the town hall. They also decided to look over materials Campbell provided on public facilities’ rental in the county. Members want to have clear policies for rental use of the town’s new senior citizens center, as well as at the old site.

Related to the new center, director Jane Childers announced an open house for that building for April 26 between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Freeman presented his ideas on garbage service for the facility. He urged the council to wait to see how transfer of the garbage to an existing dumpster might work. He, as other councilors, fears dumpster trucks will tear up the asphalted parking lot.

All councilors (T. Campbell, Freeman, Kent, James Campbell, Phillip McHan, and Charles Sanders) attended the April 13 meeting. The council holds its regular sessions the second and fourth Mondays of each month in the old senior citizens building at 7 p.m.