Snead sets $73,000 for road repairs

Acceding to member Tim Kent’s request, the Snead Town Council allocated $73,000 in the 2015 budget for road repairs on Moore Road and Lurleen and Richman drives. Kent and Mayor Curtis Painter had reported cracking pavement on the two drives and issues on the U.S. 278 end of Moore Road.

Councilman Greg Ogles asked the council to designate Lucretia Long as assistant town clerk. He detailed his concern that the town does not have personnel crosstrained to assume duties of present employees. Praising the work of town clerk Rae Ware, Ogles noted that employees could face unforeseen and possibly extended absences, which would leave the town with delayed or even without essential services provided by present staff.

Once Ogles confirmed Kent’s statement that longer-serving employee Glenda Kimberly expressed no objection to the designation for Long, the council approved Ogles’s motion.

Building on his previous concern, Ogles questioned utilities department CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE supervisor Jeff Whited of progress on obtaining water and sewer certification for his two full-time employees. Whited advised that one of the two has completed his course work and has indicated he plans to take the required certifying examination “pretty soon.”

Ogles and the present council, as well as previous ones, have repeatedly sought the employee certifications. Whited said he can only encourage and that if the council wishes to do more, it will need to act.

When asked for more details of the examination, Whited explained one cannot take the test until he has finished instructional classes. One employee has done that, while the other still has several class hours remaining. Whited avowed the test difficult, noting very few pass it on their first attempt. He and Ogles agreed that the closer to the time of completing classes one takes the exam, the better the chances of passing it.

In his comments, Whited reported that Marshall County Gas (natural gas supplier) will begin work soon on laying extended service lines in the town. He also responded to questioning by Ogles, explaining that the discussed water tank cleaning and inspection had been delayed until the town begins its 2015 fiscal budget ( The fiscal year runs Oct. 1 through Sept. 30 of each year.)

On other matters, Whited revealed a supplier will provide the town a Ditch Witch for its test use. The town has considered buying new equipment for the utilities department. He also agreed to examine details of another possible storm shelter grant.

In response to previous concerns over changes in employment of the town’s chamber of commerce representative, Painter won approval of Debra Clem as the new 2014-15 representative. Members agreed to place Michael Smith on the reserve police program, pending his passing the normal physical and background checks. They also approved fire Chief Lee Netherton’s request to pay for pumper tests on the town’s fire trucks.

Councilman Phillip McHan missed the Sept. 22 meeting. Charles Sanders and Dale Kent joined Painter, Ogles, and Kent for the session. The council regularly meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the town community center. CORRECTION: Mayor Curtis Painter and councilman Greg Ogles advised The Blount Countian that their previous revelation of Snead’s selection for a $50,000 park and recreation grant was erroneous. The two explained that they had received verbal assurance from one of the grant applicants of the Tyson award. They later discovered that there was a miscommunication.