Snead seeks grant for generator funding

Town of Snead

In their regular meeting last week, the Snead Town Council voted to finalize a grant which, if awarded, will go towards the the purchase of two electric generators for use to keep the town’s water and sewer systems functioning during emergencies.

Council member Teresa Lindsay reported that she and council member Dale Snead participated in a recent hazard mitigation meeting where they learned of the two grants — one for $60,000 and another for $94,000. Lindsay thanked the Town of Susan Moore for holding the project they had in order for Snead to apply for the grants during the current cycle.

Mayor Tim Kent announced that the town should receive an estimated $160,000 in COVID relief stimulus funds. He also reported that he recently learned of a state road resurfacing project on a portion of Ala 75 which would include installation of guardrails where needed. Kent said he is concerned because he nor the council were aware of the project and that none of them had been made aware of a proposal from August 2020.

“I was not told anything,” he said. He said he had learned that ALDOT will obtain funding from the federal government. The next step, according to Kent, is to determine if the town is responsible for any costs associated with the project.

In other business, and on a recommendation from Kent, the council instituted a dress code for town clerks once offices are opened. Clerks will now be required to wear khaki pants and gray shirts. The new dress code allows for casual Fridays. Kent said this dress would be incorporated into plans for a town seal, town flag, and shirts for employees and council members.

Following his presentation on ballistic panels, police chief Stephen Gunn asked the council to consider purchasing the safety equipment for the police department. The protective panels are worn by officers and, according to Gunn, protect officers in the event they are shot by any type of weapon. They are lightweight, comfortable, and can be worn under clothing.

Kent and the council all expressed the need for the additional protection to ensure that “the Snead police force should be protected as good as possible.” The council approved the expenditure of $3,500 for the purchase of ballistic panels for the Snead Police Department.

The council also approved:

• to rescind an old ordinance requiring the town to bury livestock.

• use of county inmates to clean up areas around town.

• one trash dumpster for the town to be dumped twice a week.

The Snead Town Council meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 6 p.m. Meetings are held at the Snead Community Center.