Snead residents continue push for roadwork

Handling its agenda business fairly quickly, the Snead Town Council faced questions before adjournment from Lee Ridge Drive residents, pushing to have their subdivision road resurfaced. A dispute, which has lasted well over a year, exists over ownership of the road.

Mayor Tim Kent responded to resident and developer Terry Stover’s statements delivered at his appointed time on the agenda. Kent repeated the position of most of the council that the road is private and that town attorney Alex Smith has told them they cannot legally do work on private property.

Stover and the residents present grasped for points to contradict that allegation. While the agenda listed only Stover, other residents presumed the right to speak. In response to one who queried what had happened to the suggested public discussion to examine the matter, Kent accepted blame for not scheduling such. He set a 6 p.m. work session before the next regular council meeting on Mon., Aug. 22. Residents asked that Smith, Stover’s attorney and engineer, and the town engineer all attend.

Kent and most of the council have held the position advised by their attorney. Councilman Jack Freeman, who has deviated, responded that he feels the town should work the road and sue Stover to recover the cost. Kent stated he thinks the matter will likely require a court ruling to resolve legal ownership. Council action

Volunteer fire department chief Lee Netherton obtained council approval to accept a $1500 county FEMA grant for departmental equipment. He also reported his department earned NEMS compliance for another year.

Utilities supervisor Jeff Whited informed the council of the possibility of purchasing a well for future drinking water. He said state officials will need to evaluate the source to guide the council in making any such decision.

The council voted to continue its $250 contribution to the Blount County Education Foundation for the upcoming year. The existing budget included that item as a continuation from past years.

Councilors James Campbell, Phillip McHan, Curtis Painter, and Charles Sanders joined Kent and Freeman for the Aug. 8 meeting. The council holds its regular sessions the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the community center.