Snead reconsiders Lurleen Drive repair and repaving

Following work by town utilities employees, the Snead Town Council has decided to alter its previous plans for work on the Lurleen Drive culvert replacement. Voting at the council’s June 28 special called meeting, councilors authorized new expenditures of potentially $15,240 toward that project.

Councilman Tim Kent, presiding in the absence of Mayor La’Shone Price and mayor pro tem Ann Sullins, reviewed details of proposals from District 2 County Commissioner Mike Painter. Work by town employees had left a significant rise in the road over the replaced culvert pipes.

Kent asked for expenditures of $8,700 to raise the road bed on either side of the culvert to remove the hump from the rise and $6,540 to cover costs of an expanded header wall on the north side of the culvert pipes. He said the expanded header will measure 28 feet in width and eight feet in height.

Kent also reviewed an option for repaving the road from Richman Drive west to Ala 75. He explained that Lurleen had previously been repaved east of Richman. County officials have advised Kent of an option several have used which is new to the county and promises longer surface life at lower costs.

The considered repaving using traditional methods would likely cost around $45,000. The new “micro surface” alternative should run $17,000 to $19,000. Kent asked that fellow councilors ride over at least one of a couple of county roads that has the new option and decide if they wish to pursue that.

Concluding a matter first presented at the earlier June meeting, councilors authorized a ten-year property tax abatement for expansion at A&J Steel. Town clerk Rae Ware explained the projected loss of town property tax revenues for the possible five- ($10,665) and ten-year ($20,925) abatements.

Police chief Steve Gunn reported the death of the town’s drug dog, Didi. He declined to offer details of the passing, pending further investigation.

Members voted to hire Annette Franklin to help with meals and other tasks at the town’s senior citizens center. Franklin will work 20 hours a week at $8.25 an hour. They discussed but did not act on the possible hiring of resigning town employee Lucretia Chiz as a contract worker to assist with the town’s annual fall festival.

Councilors approved replacing an electrical meter and resuming power at the town softball field. They approved purchase of replacement military and national flags for the town and veterans park. They agreed with Kent’s suggestion to delay approval of the town’s 2017 audit until all members are present.

Members also delayed consideration of a request from town and court employee Jennifer Adams to raise court costs an additional $10 to recoup costs associated with the conversion to a new court software system. In another court-related matter, the council clarified its intention that court employees who are on call receive $25 for each call rather than a one-time $25 to cover any calls during the time period.

Councilmen Phillip McHan, Greg Ogles, and Dale Snead joined Kent for the 7 p.m. Thursday meeting. The council’s regular sessions occur on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the town community center.