Snead Police Department awarded grant

Snead Police Department was recently awarded the Edward Byrne Local Law Enforcement Assistance Grant in the amount of $23,490. The annual need-based grant helps small agencies obtain necessary equipment as they protect and serve the community.

Assistant chief Ron Kiker, who submitted the grant, said it has allowed Snead Police to purchase better equipment and update software necessary for officers who lay their life on the line every day patrolling the area. Being able to utilize this grant helps bring the agency more up-to-date with equipment and computer programs.

Snead PD has purchased eight handguns with weapon lights, eight tasers, software for use in documenting and keeping track of items in the evidence room, training weapons for the Use of Force simulator, two thermal imaging binoculars, and upgraded computers and software for the vehicles. The hand-held binoculars have already been used three times to help locate and capture individuals on the run at night.