Snead mayor redirects criticisms

Snead Mayor La’Shone Price proclaimed his and his town council’s innocence over turn lane construction at the main Snead crossroads. Speaking at the latest council meeting, Price professed the state transportation department made the decision to add the turn lanes following his request for a traffic signal.

At times of heaviest traffic, vehicles extend a considerable distance along the US 278 east-west portion of the intersection and to a lesser degree along the AL 75 north-south highway. Councilman Phillip McHan added that lanes would have been needed for a traffic signal regardless.

Town residents have for decades anticipated the expansion of US 278 to four lanes. Many believe the intersection work will speed that envisioned eventuality.

Police officer Deric Raney presented a request from vacationing chief Steven Gunn for purchase of four portable breathalyzers for department use. Councilors agreed on the $1,700 purchase by a 3-to-1 vote with Ann Sullins dissenting.

A Braswell Street resident asked the city to add speed bumps and a stop sign in areas near his residence. Price told him the council had already voted to place additional speed breakers and asked town utilities head Jeff Whited to place the stop sign the next day if possible.

Councilmen Tim Kent and Greg Ogles missed the rescheduled Tuesday, May 28, meeting. The regular Monday meeting night fell on the Memorial Day holiday. Councilor Dale Snead joined McHan and Sullins for the session. The second and fourth Mondays mark the usual dates for meetings, normally held at 7 p.m. in the town community center.