Snead in discussion with Crossroads Cruisers

Members of the Snead Town Council and Danny Bailey of the Crossroads Cruisers continue discussion seeking to resolve a dispute between the town and the club. For several years the Cruisers have hosted a car show in conjunction with the town’s annual picnic in August. Discontent over that relationship surfaced at the council’s first January meeting.

At that time, Mayor Curtis Painter and councilman Jack Freeman expressed reservations over the club’s requirement that the town sign an agreement limiting the ability of the town to have final approval on activities at the picnic. Councilman Charles Sanders then asked Bailey to provide a copy of the agreement for councilors to review.

At the latest meeting, Sanders again asked for a delay to discuss the issue further anticipating an answer within a week. At that session, Painter and Freeman repeated their opposition to the proposed agreement. Freeman noted he has no objection to the car show but feels that perhaps the time has come to separate the two.

In other business, town attorney Brett King presented a negotiated easement the Oneonta Utilities Board has asked the town to accept. King recommended the council do so with the amendments the board had included at King’s request and with the prior authorization of the town. The council approved King’s recommendation.

Utilities director Jeff Whited announced the town had received a FEMA grant for a new tornado siren. Whited speculated that that grant will likely place the town in line for another for a town shelter. He also updated members on progress toward a new water tank, the Fuelman® distribution tank and site, and the newly refurbished pump station.

Other councilors, Phillip McHan, Greg Ogles, and Dale Snead, joined Painter, Freeman, and Sanders for the Jan. 28 meeting. The council holds its regular sessions the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the town community center.