Snead hires additional office employee, another resigns

The Town of Snead hired Kay Whitman as its new full-time town hall employee. That May 31 action followed usual advertisement, review, and interviews of applicants. Meeting on Tuesday, May 29, rather than its usual monthly fourth Monday because of Memorial Day, the council search expanded as members accepted the resignation of employee, Lucreita Chiz.

Recessing into executive session, for the questioned but stated purpose of the “good name and character” exception, councilors had announced plans to meet again on May 31 to interview potential applicants. In conversation that night, members indicated two applicants had withdrawn and initially declined another, whose application came after the stated deadline.

Upon consultation with town attorney Brett King, the council agreed to interview the belated applicant. Following the interview process, Mayor La’Shone Price suggested councilors take time to process candidate responses and meet later to consider the hire.

King advised Price’s proposal valid but suggested the council could act then. Mayor pro-tem Ann Sullins asked each remaining member to express his top two preferences, which they did. Upon that, councilors voted to hire Whitman, whom Price immediately telephoned. Members also agreed to reopen applications to add a part-time worker.

Sitting as town clerk in the vacation absence of Rae Ware, employee Jennifer Adams pled for help in the town office, with Chiz’s resignation, Ware’s vacation, and the need to orient Whitman. Councilors authorized the continued part-time employment of Kristan Bearden at the office. May 29 session

In addition to the above noted action of their Tuesday meeting, councilors authorized utilities head Jeff Whited to install a temporary culvert pipe on Lurleen Drive. Residents there have complained of the extended delay in repair. Councilors had agreed to place a concrete culvert-bridge there but have had problems reaching the selected contractor.

Councilman Greg Ogles, in voting for that action, stipulated that the replacement serve only temporarily. He has repeatedly pushed for the concrete option, anticipating the need for potential detours on the drive involving heavy trucks.

Whited informed the council that he had received notice from ADEM (Alabama Department of Environmental Management) that the town has to increase its monthly water samples from seven to eight. Questioned of that by King, Whited explained that as the number of customers increases for town water service, ADEM requires more testing samples.

New police chief Steve Gunn won approval for purchases of new department uniforms, computers, different telephone service providers, and participation in the state 1033 program. According to Gunn, the 1033 program will permit better use of his employees when transporting detainees. Members also voted to remove signage on Gunn’s police vehicle to permit the town an unmarked car.

Councilors approved costs for further training for court clerk and town employee Adams.

Councilman Dale Snead missed the May 29 meeting but attended the May 31 session along with councilors Tim Kent, Phillip McHan, and the above named. The council holds its regular sessions the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the town community center.