Snead hears again of Lee Ridge Drive problems

Lying dormant for a time, the Lee Ridge Drive controversy raised its head again at the latest Snead Town Council meeting. Drive resident David Wise, who has appeared before the council previously concerning the matter, calmly asked the council again to patch and repave the road.

Lee Ridge developer Terry Stover, residents, and the town have wrangled over the matter for nearly two years. The town position, echoed by councilman James Campbell’s statements at the April 23 meeting, holds that the drive is private property and Stover’s responsibility. Stover had agreed at one point to work with the town through its attorney and his to resolve the issue, but that agreement never came to reality.

Wise, responding to questioning, said that Stover had told him he will do no more work on the road. He then altered the statement saying Stover had later added he might. Meanwhile, drive residents remain unhappy over the frequently pot-holed half-mile stretch on which Wise, Stover, and others live.

As police chief Phillip Weaver ended his report, Mayor Tim Kent asked of a van reported in the town. As elaborated by Kent, van drivers had been knocking on doors, ostensibly selling vacuum cleaners and alarming some residents. Weaver noted the men had a temporary city business license and that he had instructed them about limiting their solicitation procedures.

Kent praised fire chief Lee Netherton and his department’s efforts in a recent successful search for a missing 5-year-old child. Kent authorized Netherton to obtain food and refreshments on such searches whenever needed. Netherton had noted the search had taken some time and had involved numerous organizations and individual volunteers assisting.

Utilities supervisor Jeff Whited informed the council that the town’s new lift station should soon be in operation. He said the town was awaiting Alabama Power’s connection.

Councilors approved the annual required publication and distribution of the town’s water quality report. Four Star Printing and Metro-Mail will handle those duties. The council also approved a resolution detailing town steps regarding any possible municipal water pollution problems.

Councilman Jack Freeman missed the April 23 meeting held at the town fire department. The council had changed locations because of the next day’s Republican Party primary run-off. All other councilors (Phillip McHan, Curtis Painter, and Charles Sanders) joined Campbell and Kent. The council normally holds its regular sessions on the second and fourth Mondays at 7 p.m. in the town community center.