Snead employees ask for more duties and more pay

Following his retirement as a part-time employee of the Town of Snead, John Sanders offered to continue many of his prior duties as a contract employee. As town councilors considered that possibility, utility department workers proposed they assume those tasks for an additional two dollars an hour.

Council members decided to accept that offer on a trial basis at their latest council meeting. Department head Jeff Whited had explained employee reasoning to the councilors.

He noted that the shift to radio-read town water meters, begun some time back, reduced the time workers needed to read meters from a week or so to about a day. He also offered that new equipment the town has purchased provides easier mowing, one of Sanders’ main responsibilities.

Councilor Ann Sullins questioned whether the change would require more overtime for the employees.

Whited said that most overtime comes as a result of water leaks and would likely not be increased by the change. He noted that the employees’ first priorities would remain water, sewer, and road duties. Whited and the council members agreed to the three-employee request on a trial basis.

Local real estate developer Phillip Cleveland won concession from the council for assistance on installation of water meters for his latest apartment expansion in the town. Cleveland had continued his prior contention that the additional residents brought by his apartments would provide more tax revenues and water and sewer income. The council directed Whited to meet with Cleveland to see what assistance the town might provide.

Councilors approved the standard agreement with the county for possible debris removal and other work resulting from any potential natural disaster. They also agreed to accept a bid of $13,827.86 for new flooring in the town hall. The Albertville Carpet Store bid exceeded Tile Liquidators’ $13,599.93 offer. State law permits accepting higher bids on services.

Continuing negotiations with Alan Smith, councilors agreed to offer 0.23 acres of land in the industrial park to his A&J Steel company at $3000. They agreed to contract with R&R Logging for timber cutting on the unused portion (some 63 acres) of that park less any environmental set-back reserves.

Members voted to:

• declare surplus the town’s 2009 Crown Victoria police cruiser (setting the way for its purchase by bid).

• allocate $400 for candy for the annual Halloween Trunk or Treat.

• purchase two tables for the Operation Grateful Heart annual banquet.

• pay volunteer firefighters $10 an hour for work at the town’s picnic.

• contract with Snead Service Center for routine maintenance on town vehicles.

Concluding a long-discussed matter for municipal court, the council also approved a resolution increasing court costs by $10.

Councilman Dale Snead missed the Sept. 24 meeting, attended by Mayor La’Shone Price and councilors Sullins, Tim Kent, Phillip McHan, and Greg Ogles. The council holds its regular sessions the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the town community center.