Snead delays decision on bereavement leave

The Snead Town Council postponed action on possible changes to its employees’ bereavement leave policy. Councilors have discussed changes since police Chief Phillip Weaver broached the question of what he perceives as an inequity in town practice over the matter

Town policy sets aside two days of leave for employees experiencing death in their immediate families. A controversy arose over whether those two days should be for eight hours each for all employees, or adjusted for police who work 12-hour shifts.

Weaver reported he had contacted nearby municipalities for their policies. He asserted that Douglas most closely resembles Snead and that it provides three days leave with police accorded 12- hour days and other employees their regular eight-hour shifts.

Councilman Greg Ogles suggested the council allow time to study the matter and make sure members get it “right.” Those present agreed to postpone a decision until after a scheduled 30-minute work session prior to their next regular session.

Councilors granted Weaver’s request for a six-month FMLA (family medical and leave act) leave. Weaver explained his wife is to have surgery and will need someone to assist her in recovery. He said he has 240 hours of accumulated sick leave and would like to be available for her. He promised he would come at night to handle any needed paperwork during the six-week leave period. Utilities supervisor Jeff Whited reported on progress on the new water tank to serve the Mt. Carmel Road area. He said he will run another couple of test fills before the tank is in proper operation. He won approval to move forward with plans to paint the town water tank on Medical Street. The council authorized Whited and Mayor Curtis Painter to discuss the project with Whited’s favored contractor and determine the value of his offer.

He and the council reached a tentative agreement to assure ready access to the town’s new emergency weather shelter. Members decided to provide keys to several town officers, nearby business employees, and, at least, one regular town resident who will make sure the facility is available in emergency situations.

Councilman Jack Freeman missed the Oct. 28 session. Council members Phillip McHan, Charles Sanders, and Dale Snead joined Painter and Ogles,. The council holds its regular meetings the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the community center.