Snead considers water and Lee Ridge; goes into executive session

Meeting an hour earlier than usual, the Snead Town Council did little publicly. Resident “Bo” Kornegay, who has frequently addressed the council on water concerns, thanked councilman Jack Freeman, whom Kornegay credited, with “going above and beyond the line of duty” in a personal attempt to resolve pressure problems on the line serving Kornegay. Mayor Tim Kent, Freeman, and utilities supervisor Jeff Whited explained they expected the problems to be resolved in days.

Related to the utilities department, Freeman won approval for the purchase and installation of a surge protector for the department. Freeman cited an evaluation from a Birmingham water expert of the need for the protector and the success the advisor had in locating and correcting a minor problem on the line which could have had major implications.

Developer Terry Stover, who has also addressed the council several times, attended the January 9 session. Kent yielded the floor to Stover who told Kent he was there at Kent’s request. He then said he did not know what to say.

Stover had months earlier indicated a willingness to have his attorney and engineer meet with Nelson and a town attorney to resolve problems with the road in the Lee Ridge subdivision. Stover, Lee Ridge residents, and town officials have long disagreed over ownership and maintenance responsibility of the road.

Toward the end of the meeting, the council cited a letter from town engineer Robert Nelson relating to Lee Ridge Road. In the letter, Nelson refers to “our recommendations of September 6, 2011” and Stover’s failure to have “work done [which] complies with our recommendation.” He continues with, “…I do not recommend the Town accept the street due to the following[.]” The letter then lists nine points of concern Nelson has.

The nine bulleted points are: [1] “Work performed was done without any prior notification; no one knew work was planned or performed until after work was done. [2] Does not appear potholes were undercut 12”. [3] Does not appear exposed subgrade was undercut 6”; areas of exposed subgrade still exist.[4] Certain areas of the street were not widened to 20 feet. [5] Work performed appears to have only been placing some dense grade in some potholes; minimal effort. [6] Roadway crown and cross slope unchanged; no sign of machine grading. [7] Question if dense grade that was placed meets 98% compaction. [8] To our knowledge, the Agreement submitted to the Developer, has not been signed by the Developer. [9] The roadway, in its present conditions, is not suitable to receive any form of paving.” [ The capitalization and punctuation are that of the engineer.]

With attorney Scott McPherson present, Kent cited pending litigation and personnel matters as reasons for recessing into executive session. Once back in session the council referred to the Lee Ridge letter and later voted to authorize members to negotiate a settlement for a possible Wednesday litigation.

In action, the council authorized the installation of a new outside light at the senior citizen center. Members approved renewal of a certificate of deposit at HomeTown bank and authorized town clerk Rae Ware to negotiate rates for renewal of another certificate with the banks in town. Kent read a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown, again requesting the town refund them $528 for what they consider to be town responsibility for part of their $1,800 water bills of prior months.

Curtis Painter and Charles Sanders joined Freeman and Kent. Councilors James Campbell and Phillip McHan missed the session. The council holds its normal sessions the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the town community center.