Snead commits to spend more than $16,000

In one of its briefer sessions, the Snead Town Council committed to spend more than $16,000 from its general and utilities funds.

Utilities supervisor Jeff Whited told councilors he had received quotes for new chlorinators. He suggested the council go with the lower $8,870.15 bid from Clay-Greene of Birmingham. Stillwater Technology Inc. of Cullman offered $9626.

As for the second commitment, councilmen agreed to continue the town auditing contract with Criswell and Associates, not to exceed $8000.

Town clerk Rae Ware had appeared at the previous session to question the donation amount by the county commission requested for the animal shelter. She reported that in further research she found that the commission had used the 2010 census figure of 835 for the town population. She noted that a couple of groups, including the state League of Municipalities, still reflect the 2000 figure of 748. The town had donated $2 per person based on the earlier figure in line with its 2011 budget.

Councilman James Campbell asked the council to authorize work on a culvert on Richman Drive. Fellow member Jack Freeman offered to do work at the site, if he could get mortar and some help. Councilor Curtis Painter volunteered to donate the mortar and, along with Campbell, agreed to help Freeman.

Before the council adjourned, police chief Phillip Weaver distributed business cards with his telephone number. He said he understood some council members had made comments on his department’s operation without first consulting him. Freeman then indicated a citizen had told him he had been unable to find anyone at the police office, even though a cruiser was parked outside. Weaver theorized the officer might have been in the bathroom at the time.

Mayor Tim Kent and councilman Charles Sanders joined Campbell, Freeman, and Painter for the July 25 meeting; councilman Phillip McHan was absent. The council holds its regular sessions the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the community center.