Snead chooses to postpone most matters

With but four members present, the Snead Town Council opted to table the non-routine items on its bi-monthly agenda. In its only real action, the council voted to allow weekend overtime pay for its utilities department workers. That decision followed a request by utilities supervisor Jeff Whited at the month’s earlier meeting.

Councilman Jack Freeman, who had missed that meeting, moved to accept Whited’s proposal for the pay. Freeman indicated he felt the workers were “compromising a whole lot” in accepting fourhour compensation time to work weekends. He suggested that being available for four hours work on Saturdays and Sundays cut into any potential plans the workers might wish to make.

Despite that acknowledgement, Freeman’s motion, in accordance with his announced prior discussion with Whited, provided the overtime pay for the months April through September only. For the remaining six months, workers will continue to receive comp time.

Councilors tabled considerations of dog- and noise-ordinances, the hiring of a police chief, and the previously suggested dollar-an-hour raise for employee Glenda Kimberly. Councilmen James Campbell, Phillip McHan, and Charles Sanders joined Freeman for the June 22 session. Mayor Tim Kent and councilor Trudy Campbell did not attend. The council holds its regular meetings the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the community center.

In response to an inquiry from The
Blount Countian,
councilmen indicated they had intended that only firefighters who failed to complete their EMT training would be required to repay tuition for that course.

Town clerk Rae Ware earlier corrected an error the newspaper had on events at the prior meeting. She noted that the attorney letter needed for the town’s annual audit deals with any pending or anticipated litigation rather than any settled litigation.