Snead authorizes continued work on new subdivision

The Snead Town Council approved developer David Jackson’s request to continue work on his proposed new Dodd Road subdivision, Broken Arrow. City engineer Robert Nelson and attorney Brett King endorsed the plans Jackson has submitted to authorities.

Members also agreed to councilman Tim Kent’s motion to begin plans to widen Dodd Road by pursuing easements from affected property owners. Kent noted that two vehicles cannot pass on its narrowest stretches.

Prior to the subdivision action, Nelson advised the council of concerns over property on which A&J Steel has planned expansion. He explained that the company needs additional land to pursue its plans. Councilors, when advised that the land in question has no other foreseeable use and consists of about one-tenth of an acre, agreed to consider selling it once details are presented.

Kent, who has urged tactical training for the town’s volunteer fire department asked for more details on that matter. Speaking for the fire department, Josh Daniels presented specifics not offered at the last meeting. He noted that training for the more extensive course is limited to certified medics; another is open to EMTs.

Based on that information, it appears the town may have three interested personnel, one for the more expensive intense session and two for the other. The council authorized $1,650 in total for the two cheaper slots.

Retired temporary employee John Sanders submitted a contract bid for continued grass cutting in the town. Councilor Ann Sullins questioned the bid which she computed would run at least $25,000. Members agreed to delay a decision on that.

After some discussion and Mayor La’Shone Price’s texting Tonya Wilson, councilors agreed to contract with Wilson to coordinate the town’s fall festival. The town began the festival last year as a replacement for its long-held August picnic. Councilors voted to pay Wilson $1,000 for her work.

Considering a matter proposed months earlier, councilors voted to introduce a resolution to increase town court costs by $10. A vote on that proposed resolution must await at least one more meeting.

Members recessed into closed executive session at the request of Kent. King attested the session met the state requirement of “good name and character” exception. The projected 20-minute session ran nearly an hour.

Councilors Phillip McHan, Greg Ogles, and Dale Snead joined Kent, Sullins, and Price for the Aug. 27, meeting. The council’s regular sessions are scheduled for the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the town community center.