Snead accepts audit; agrees to reinvest CD

At the request of Mayor Tim Kent, Snead town clerk Rae Ware reviewed major points of the town’s 2011 audit. According to that review, the town enjoyed surpluses in both its general and water and sewer funds.

Ware indicated revenues for the general fund of $967,550 with expenses of $902,676. The water and sewer account showed revenue of $902,187 and expenses of $750,805.

Ware later expressed concern over town revenues established to cover street lights. She noted that the bill for street lights is more than $830 a month. The gas tax earmarked for the lights brings in approximately $650 a month. The clerk indicated she would like to transfer money from another account to prevent depleting the earmarked gas tax and said she would check with the state on the permissibility of the shift.

In still another financial matter, the council directed Ware to obtain quotes from local financial institutions on certificate of deposit (CD) rates. The approved motion directs Ware to secure the best 12-month rate for the town’s maturing $12,000 CD.

At the request of police chief Phillip Weaver, councilors agreed to declare two of his department’s vehicles surplus. That declaration allows the town to continues its usual policy of posting surplus items on the govdeals website for bids.

Councilors also approved fire chief Lee Netherton’s request to accept a $1500 grant from the county health care authority. That body has, in recent years, provided assistance to local fire departments for health-related equipment purchases.

All members (Kent, James Campbell, Jack Freeman, Phillip McHan, Curtis Painter, and Charles Sanders) attended the April 9 meeting. The council holds its regular sessions the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the community center.