Snead 2017 budget up over $550,000 from past year

The approved 2017 Snead town budget reflects an increase of more than $550,000 from the 2016 plan. The state requires municipal balanced budgets. Snead’s budget, as prepared by town clerk Rae Ware, indicates total revenues of $2,686,693 and total expenses of $2,474,989.

The water department receives most of the increase at $510,054 under the budget. That budget provides much of that additional revenue by possible redemptions of $100,000 in certificates of deposit and a $360,000 loan from Liberty Bank. The completed purchase and installation of radio-read meters for water customers will consume much of those funds.

As presented to the council, Ware’s plan reveals balanced budgets for four of the five main categories: general fund, water department, sewer, and special revenue. Under the approved budget, park and recreation runs a deficit. The accompanying chart (below) breaks down the budget by streams above $20,000.

Under expenses, several line items fell just below the $20,000 threshold and, thus, are not included in the chart. Major expenditures under water and police departments have been noted by bold facing or underlining, respectively, within the chart.

The budget does not break down total salaries as a line item; those are italicized in the chart as are employee payroll taxes and retirement benefit charges. Employee health insurance, which totals over $50,000, falls within broader insurance and bond line items. Senior citizen center salaries and fire responder pay are budgeted at over $19,000 each.

Revenues (by line-items above $20,000)

Water department $1,082,323
Town sales taxes $488,678
Liberty Bank loan $360,000
Court costs & fines $204,600
Cashed in CDs $100,000
Business licenses $91,690
Real estate taxes $65,217
One-cent gas tax $46,047
Sewer $41,415
Volunteer fire dues $39,892
Category Revenue Net
General fund $1,052,193 +$126,128
Water dept. $1,566,228 +$84,513
Sewer $41,511 +$319
Special revenue $15,940 +$8,140
Park and Rec. $10,821 -$7,396
Total budgets $2,686,693 +$211,704

Expenses (by line-items above $20,000)

Water department capital outlay $360,000
Water department salaries $210,494
Police salaries $208,100
Water – supplier purchase $207,152
Water department utilities $66,400
Clerks salaries $59,655
Water department supplies $51,057
Police insurance & bond $48,840
Water dept. insurance & bond $45,925
Sewer revenue transfer $41,415
Roads repairs/maintenance $40,000
Water dept. repairs/maintenance $40,000
Water dept. utilities taxes $38,646
Ball field lights payment $37,537
Police capital outlay $33,000
Water dept. payroll taxes/ retirement $27,049
Mayor and council salaries $25,800
Police payroll taxes/retirement $22,891
Sewer repairs/maintenance $22,532
General fund–other administrative exp. $22,130