Shay Shelnutt

Shay Shelnutt

Shay Shelnutt

Age: 46

Born in and resides in: born in Center Point; resides in Trussville.

Family details: married to Paige, a teacher at Pinson Elementary school; two daughters: Lexie, 13, and Lacie, 8 Education

Graduated Pinson Valley High School in 1986. Graduated University of Montevallo with bachelor’s degree in business/finance (1990); later earned master’s degree in education (1997). Work background

•part owner of vending machine company and furniture company

•taught school and coached golf and
basketball at Clay/Chalkville High
School and Oneonta High School for 10
years, leaving Oneonta in 2006
•2006-present – self employed as independent realtor at Keller Williams Realty
in Trussville

Memberships, leadership positions, etc.
•member Palmerdale United Methodist Church
•taught/teaches college/career and
adult Sunday School classes
•works at Royal Family Kids camp for
foster children each summer; majority of
children are from Blount County
•coaches rec-league basketball in
•member National Association of

Why are you running for office?

“I never thought I would run for office, but I have been frustrated watching the politicians in Washington, D.C., create massive problems while working folks like us are fighting to keep our businesses running and take care of our families. This got me to thinking about how we need leaders who are focused on creating jobs, standing for values, and using common sense to solve problems. When Scott Beason decided not to run for re-election, I prayed over my considerations, talked with my family, and then made the decision to offer myself to the community.”

Qualifications for office
•real estate agent
•youth coach
•church leader
•community leader
•former teacher (not AEA member)
•conservative Republican

State your platform priorities
•new jobs and business for our district
•vocational education and job readiness
•protect our community values

If there was one issue you would want associated with your candidacy above all others, what would it be?

“I will stand strongly against any tax increase. I will demand that we focus on job creation and economic growth as a solution to increased revenue…By improving economic conditions we can increase government revenue while enriching citizens. Elected leaders should focus on enriching the taxpayer…” Candidate’s statement to voters

“I’m not a politician. I’ve never run for office before. I’ve lived in this district all of my life and it’s the only home I’ve ever known. As a former teacher, basketball coach, church leader and successful real estate agent, I believe that I have a unique appreciation for our community. As a conservative, I want to protect our family’s values while working to create better jobs. I’m proud of our community and I will work to make you proud too. I hope to earn your confidence and your vote. If you have questions, please call my cell phone at 205-413-9022.”