Shared passion for preservation

Old Blountsville Jail -A Simple Life, Spring 2018

Old Blountsville Jail -A Simple Life, Spring 2018

“All of us, at one time or another, will drive past an old house, barn or other outbuilding and take notice of it as it is slowly reclaimed by nature.

“Most of us will forget what we’ve seen, only moments later. Some will say, ‘What a shame,’ in recognition of its hopeless condition. A few will wonder what might be done…with enough money, with enough time.

“Almost no one will be serious. Almost.”

The above excerpt from A Simple Life magazine, spring 2018 edition, states a simple truth.

Thinking back, “How many times have you had these same thoughts?” and “How many times have they quickly faded?”



Fortunately, there is a group of citizens, known as the Blountsville Historical Society, who have gone the extra mile to preserve some historic structures.

The Blountsville Historical Park was created through much hard work, determination, and effort of these citizens, and today the park has a museum and gift shop, as well as several buildings that represent the rich history of “years gone by.”

Society member Allen Gilliland said, “Our concept is to create an 1800s community and preserve that history.”

The historical society members maintain the buildings, which have been re-created with authentic furnishings from its time period.

Interior of the Isham Chamblee cabin -A Simple Life, Spring 2018

Interior of the Isham Chamblee cabin -A Simple Life, Spring 2018

While there are several buildings at the park, including the 1836 post office, the 1850 Homestead Cabin and 1820 Isham Chamblee Cabin, and the Old Blountsville jail, member Judy Wright said the group wants to incorporate a blacksmith shop and a one-room school into the park.

The Chamblee Cabin is known for its role as a stagecoach stop on the route from Huntsville to Selma. It was originally located on Skyball Mountain, according to Gilliland.

Wright said, “We are just trying to find a way of appreciating our history.”

Having old stained glass windows from Sheffield, the only new structure in the park is the Society Chapel, and it has become a popular wedding venue.

This Saturday, March 17, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the fifth annual Daffodil Festival will be held at the Blountsville Historical Park. Visitors will be able to experience chuck wagon cooking, butter churning, antique cars, music, and plenty of food and other vendors.

Blountsville Historical Park, located at 71406 Main St., is always open; however, it is manned Thursday – Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.