Self – interest prompts letter writer

This is in response to the recent article regarding the Locust Fork Town Meeting on Aug. 24, 2010. I, along with the majority of the residents on Payton Lane, attended this meeting. I must concur with the Town’s response to Ms. Quinn’s letter, as it is a gross misrepresentation of the facts and attempts to mislead the reader for what can only be described as her own self-interest.

Ms. Quinn’s letter combines two unrelated concerns. The issue of the water tax and whether Payton Lane gets paved are two separate and distinct issues.

The residents of Payton Lane are
taxpayers just as Ms. Quinn presumably is and as such have the right to request that their tax dollars be used to provide necessary infrastructure in the community. Having a decent road where you do not have to dodge potholes should not be excluded just because we live in the country. It is certainly Ms. Quinn’s right to object to this as we do live in a free society; however, what she should not do is to attempt to push her agenda by causing a rift in our otherwise peaceful neighborhood.

Ms. Quinn has tried to imply that the residents of Payton Lane were somehow pushing weight restrictions for the road, which is patently false. What she neglects to mention is a personal relationship to the family of the one resident who drives a truck. Her assertions are a transparent attempt to divide the residents and for what, to save a few pennies per month on her water bill?

To set the facts straight, at no time did any resident of Payton Lane request weight restrictions. In fact, our neighbor’s right to park his truck where he wanted was defended by the residents who attended the meeting. The Town Council discussed this as part of a larger issue where there are other roads in the city with the same concerns.

I would like to comment on the issue of the water tax, as this is what Ms. Quinn seems to be up in arms about. It seems like we are always being faced with a new tax and I’ll admit at times it can be frustrating. I think, given the amount of money that we are discussing, it seems almost trivial to bring up the issue.

As reported, the average water bill is $45, which means if you live in the city limits and pay 3 percent tax, you will see a $1.35 increase; if you live within 1.5 miles of the city limits, the average increase is only 68 cents per month. Presumably Ms. Quinn lives within the 1.5 miles area and objects to not having a vote. What she neglects to mention is that those who live within 1.5 miles of the city limits of Locust Fork are provided with Police and Fire Protection.

Using her reasoning, why should my tax dollars go to pay for such protections for her? Further, I think the assertion that 68 cents per month will cause some residents to have “to sleep in a cardboard box” is somewhat ridiculous. One has to wonder why Ms. Quinn doesn’t feel she should contribute her fair share to important services such as Police and Fire protection. Only she can answer that question.

All this aside, I think it important to return to the real subject at hand. Payton Lane needs to be paved for safety reasons, not just for aesthetic purposes. Our request was for the road to be paved to prevent damage to our vehicles and possible accidents. I encourage those interested in what is going on in our community to attend the town meetings. I think we have every right as taxpayers to request such a basic yet important service. I applaud the Town Council for thoughtfully considering the request and look forward to its resolution.

Denise Roy
Locust Fork