Schools get A-F report card results

The Alabama State Department of Education has released the composite scores for Alabama’s 137 school districts and their 1,319 graded schools. Overall results for Alabama’s public schools improved from a C last year to a B this year.

Blount County Schools as a district scored a B with a numerical score of 83 – the same grade it achieved last year – although eight individual schools improved their scores (two dramatically) over last year, and only five did not improve. The district or system score embraces the scores of 14 individual schools. (One school was not scored last year.)

Oneonta City Schools scored an A with a numerical score of 92 for the entire district, improving by one point its district score last year of 91, also an A. Both the elementary school’s and the high school’s scores improved, while the middle school’s results remained the same as last year. See table at right for individual scores of all public schools in the county for the last two years.



–––– B (83)

Appalachian School C (79) B (85)
Blountsville Elementary B (80) C (76)
Cleveland Elementary C (79) C (77)
Cleveland High School B (87) B (86)
Hayden Elementary B (82) B (83)
Hayden Primary
Hayden Middle B (81) B (85)
Hayden High School B (82) B (88)
J.B. Pennington High C (78) C (79)
Locust Fork Elementary B (82) B (81)
Locust Fork High School B (83) B (86)
Oneonta Elementary B (89) A (90)
Oneonta Middle A (91) A (91)
Oneonta High School B (85) A (93)
Southeastern School B (87) B (86)
Susan Moore Elementary C (79) B (81)
Susan Moore High C (76) C (77)
Blount County system B (83) B (83)
Oneonta City system A (91) A (92)

For comparison purposes, below are 2018- 2019 district report card scores for 13 city and county systems in counties contiguous to Blount.

County systems: Marshall – B (82); Etowah – C (79); St. Clair – B (84); Jefferson – C (78); Walker – C (78); and Cullman (County) – B (85).

City systems: Arab – A (93); Guntersville – B (88); Gadsden – C (75); Pell City – B (86); Birmingham – D (68); Jasper – B (85); and Cullman (City) – A (91).

Number of districts (systems) statewide
scoring at each grade level, 2016-2017 vs

Letter grade 2016-2017 2017-2018*
A 12 15
B 52 71
C 55 42
D 19 10

*out of a statewide total of 137 districts.

Components of scores

The overall grade for report cards is made up of six accountability indicators, calculated by a complex formula to yield the numerical grades, which are then translated to the familiar letter grade.

The six indicators, along with their percentage weightings, are:

• Academic achievement, based on student performance on the ACT Aspire test (20 percent of overall grade)

• Academic growth, based on student improvement on reading and math scores from one year to the next (25 percent of overall grade)

• Graduation rate (30 percent of overall grade)

• College and career readiness, based on percentage of students earning a benchmark score on any one of seven different college and career readiness indicators (10 percent of overall grade)

• Chronic absenteeism, based on the number of students who have missed at least 15 full days of school during the school year (10 percent of overall grade), and

• Progress in English language proficiency (5 percent of overall grade)

School district scores on major indicator categories:

Oneonta Blount

Academic achievement 82 68
Academic growth 100 91
Graduation rate 99 93
College/career readiness 93 79
Chronic absenteeism 14.2 15.7
% of students on
free/reduced lunch* 44 51

*socio-economic indicator not factored into report card scores, but experts say higher percentages exert an effect on other indicators, lowering overall scores Superintendent comments

Oneonta City Schools superintendent Daniel Smith: “I am very proud of the scores that our schools and school system received. The results reflect the hard work and dedication of our students, teachers, administrators, support staff, and board members. We will use the information provided from the state report card to plan and develop strategies to continue to help our students be successful and carry on the rich academic tradition of Oneonta City Schools.

Blount County Schools Superintendent Rodney Green: “Blount County schools received a letter grade of B with a composite score of 83. Overall, we had 10schoolsscoreaBandfourschools score a C, with eight schools showing improvement in the numerical grade from last year. Overall, our report card shows continued academic growth and progress across the school district. I am very proud of the tremendous job that our teachers, administrators, and support staff do every day, providing high-quality educational opportunities for our students to learn and grow. Our graduation rate for all schools is 93 percent, an all-time high for our district.

“The Alabama State Report Card provides a snapshot from one test given to students in the spring of each year. Over time, the report card does give us a way to monitor academic growth and progress and a means to report to our parents. The results can be used to highlight strengths and identify those areas where improvement is needed.

“However, we must be careful in making comparisons between schools and communities. Please remember that the current report card does not consider demographics, socio-economics, or system per pupil expenditures. All students are compared as if they all had the same backgrounds and resources. There are many more factors that characterize the quality of a school: safety and security, a quality faculty and staff, supportive parents, and extracurricular opportunities for students in music, the arts, and athletics.

“Our school system is moving forward with academic initiatives in early literacy, math, pre-K, STEAM labs, leadership, and career tech opportunities. I am thankful for our school system and of the support we receive from our communities. It takes us all working together to have quality schools!”