Safe at home



Want to support saving lives while improving your own? The Safe at Home 5K, set for Saturday, March 28, at Oneonta High School, is bringing awareness to organ donation and registration is now open for the run.

“Sometimes we forget that just because the need for organ donation isn’t happening to us, in our world, that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening and that the need doesn’t exist,” says Amber Taylor, who organized the race.“We want to celebrate and honor the heroes who have risen to help meet that need and made the choice to give life after living life.”

The run is also in honor of Amber’s younger brother, Austin, a 2013 J.B. Pennington graduate, who lost his life in a car accident in August. He saved the lives of others through choosing to be an organ donor.

“Safe at Home has several meanings,” Amber says.“Austin had a passion for baseball, so the first concept perceived is that reference. However, the meaning is also deeper than that, we named it Safe at Home because we believe that is where Austin is. He played the game of life and in the final play he was safe at home.”

All proceeds will benefit the Alabama Organ Center. Registration is $10 for registered organ donors to participate in the run and receive a T-shirt. All other participants can pay $15 for the run or $20 for the run and a T-shirt.

Registration will continue through the day of the run. In order to be guaranteed a T-shirt, register by March 1.

Participants are encouraged to wear green, as that color represents organ donation.

Amber says she is hopeful the run will become an annual event.

“We want to wholeheartedly dive into this and continue to make a difference and help bring awareness,” she says.“This is something we plan to remain passionate about.”

Registration forms are available at J.B. Pennington High School and Blountsville Elementary. Visit the Safe At Home Facebook page for more information.