Runoff election next Tuesday, July 17



The Republican Primary runoff election will be held next Tuesday, July 17. A sample ballot is shown. The election features races between the two highest vote-getting Republicans vying for seven offices, including contests for three state cabinet-level officers, three state court judgeships, and, of particular interest to Blount Countians, the office of Blount County Sheriff. James Chapman faces Mark Moon in that race.

In another race of local interest, Will Ainsworth, who did not run for re-election to his House District 27 seat, representing a section of northern Blount County, appears as a candidate for lieutenant governor in the runoff election, opposing Twinkle Cavanaugh.

State law specifies that “crossing over” is prohibited in the primary runoff election. In other words, citizens who voted on the Democratic ballot on June 5 are prohibited from voting in the upcoming Republican runoff election.