If you are to be proficient in music, you must begin with and learn the rudiments of music. The scale, timing, rhythm, and beat. What are the rudiments that serve as the basis for living our lives today in our changing culture and society? What serves as a foundation as we face tough issues? What will assist us in making the correct decisions and maintaining the proper perspective?

I suggest two lists for consideration. They come from a book I read and credit goes to the author. The second list has a Christian perspective but it serves as a base for our family, marriage, and work relationships.

List one

1. Everybody does it

2. A little bit doesn’t hurt

3. We have always done it

4. My conscience doesn’t bother me

5. We know when to quit

6. You’ve got to make a living

7. It all depends on how you look at it

List two

Is it RIGHT?

Does it edify?

Will it please God?

Is it expedient?

Will it bring glory to God?

Can I sincerely thank God for it?

How will it appear at the judgement?

We may not want to acknowledge it. We choose daily from the lists as how we will live our lives. Our choices lead us to surround ourselves with those people who validate the principles and rudiments we live by.

Chester Thomas