Roger’s Ramblings

I’ve worked with many eclectic and talented people in my various careers. I’ve loved and I’ve learned from them all.

That said, The Blount Countian staff is exceptional. The group pictured on the front page are special on any level if you ignore the fat guy in the middle with the stupid reindeer sweater. The others are all talented writers who could prosper anywhere other than Blount County if they wanted to do so. We are lucky to have them here.

Jessica continues to impress me every week, covering all eight of the high schools’ sports stories. She’s a gem whose writing is exceptional.

Jim churns out stories about Oneonta and Snead. He also delves into our history and tells us about times gone by. He’s a true gem.

Ron, a mainstay of the paper, has written about anything and everything. I love his passion. Through him we know about county government and so much more. He’s also a walking, talking encyclopedia about Blount County.

Cheryl tells us about current events and the people of our county. We come to care about them because of her fascinating descriptions. She’s another talented writer.

Jenna likes to hide her light under a basket, but it shines each week with her family’s delicious recipes. Plus, she writes the checks, so I especially like her.

Melanie is the base. When Rob unexpectedly passed earlier this year, it was Melanie we all turned to in order to keep the paper going. She held us all together and continues to do so. She’s also a very good writer, but spends most of her time editing not so good writers like me. Every good paper has a Melanie. We have the best.

When Aimee Wilson bought the paper, I didn’t know where we were headed. She quickly let us all know we are going forward to produce a paper that supports our community with integrity and honor. She’s also a great writer herself, which makes it hard for me, but I’ll struggle on.

The point is, don’t judge us by these ugly Christmas sweaters, especially mine. (They made we wear it.) Judge us by the product we produce each week and through it, the integrity we strive to uphold by telling the news.