Roger Bullard

Roger Bullard, 62, was born in Blountsville and raised on a farm on Hamilton Mountain Road. He attended schools at Royal Elementary, now closed, and entered high school at J. B. Pennington, dropping out in the tenth grade to go to work full time at what was then Spring Valley chicken processing plant, now owned by Tyson.

He now lives in the Rock Springs community with wife Judy Baker Bullard. He has two living children; Angie, 42, and Ashley, 27, and a son Jeremy who died of muscular dystrophy at the age of 18.

Work experience After working at the chicken plant briefly as a young man, Bullard worked as a roofing subcontractor for Johnson, Rast, and Hayes in Birmingham for ten years. Immediately afterwards he went into business for himself as a roofing subcontractor and worked that job for 12 years. In 1993, he started another business that provided chicken-house cleaning services, from which he retired only recently. “That’s where I got my experience with heavy equipment – rebuilding engines, transmissions, whatever,” Bullard said. “I had heavy trucks for hauling, tractors, and loaders, and I bought three 18- wheelers that I used to haul litter to South Alabama and sawdust on the trip back. It was a dirty, smelly job, but it was a profitable job.”

Duties of commission job

Describing the main duties of the commission job, Bullard was concise, saying the major duties come down to three areas:

•building and maintaining roads.

•negotiating budgets, namely the annual District 2 road budget.

•making sure county departments in the courthouse have money to operate each year.

Qualifications for the job: •41 years of running own business successfully. •ability to deal with public and solve problems. •leading a crew of men – “I want to get these roads back in shape. We‘ve got a good road crew. All we need is supervision – somebody to show’em what to do and what we expect, and they’ll do fine.” •willingness to work with chamber of commerce to attract industry to area to provide more jobs for young people within the county.

Why do you want the job? Bullard: “The reason I’m running is that Robert asked me before he died to finish his term. I promised him I would, but it didn’t work out to where I could. So now I’m running to fulfill the promise I made. Besides that, the roads are getting rougher and rougher. I feel like I can run a crew of men and get them back in shape for the people of the district.”

Bullard’s statement to voters “If I’m elected, I’ll do everything in my power, including working on the road budget to get more money for the roads. And if we have another emergency like the tornadoes we had last spring, we’re going to work straight through until the emergency is over – no taking the weekend off. I think I can work with the people of this district. I know a lot of’em. I think I am good at solving problems, and I am a man of my word. If I say I’m going to do something, I’ll do it. I would appreciate it if people would vote for me. If you want leadership in District 2, you need to put me in office.”