Retake Cleveland plans to do just that

Last Tuesday night marked a milestone for the citizens of Cleveland. Since all of the problems have arisen surrounding Cleveland’s local government, the citizens have not had an outlet to properly address their grievances. Armed with truth and demanding transparency, many of the townspeople united to form a non-partisan citizens’ watchdog group called RetakeCleveland. Since the beginning of October this group has gained more and more steam each day.

In response to the cancellation of the regularly scheduled town council meeting, the citizens held their own meeting to discuss the path forward. As many people already know, this news publication as well as ABC 33/40 covered the meeting. For the first time in quite a while, people were allowed to discuss the problems that they have with the town’s government, without limits or time restrictions. Although two council members attended the meeting, it stayed completely in the hands of the people.

As a citizen of Cleveland, I am truly tired of our town continuing down the path to becoming the laughing-stock of the county. Although I am eternally appreciative of the press coverage, it truly saddens me to open the paper each week, knowing the situation that Cleveland is facing. Officials are elected to serve and fight for the people’s best interests, and I (as well as many others) do not feel that our town is currently operating this way. Most people that I come into contact with are outraged and disgusted with their local elected officials. This has truly become a grassroots movement.

As a citizen stated, “If an elected official is either unable, or unwilling, to work for the common good of the citizens, they should immediately step down before further damage is done.” The citizens are vigilant. The truth is coming out. I firmly believe that the mayor and the three officials that have attended meetings since April 13 have finally come to a fork in the road. Will they do the right thing?
Jeremy Smith