Republicans nix bail-out

The county Republican Executive Committee has taken a firm stand against what it calls the “Wall Street bail-out plan,” proposed by Congress and the President.

The resolution the committee adopted Sept. 25 affirms its belief that the United States is the greatest country on Earth whose people are unrivaled in prosperity because of the free enterprise system.

In that free enterprise system, individuals and business reap the rewards of success and the consequences of their failures. But if the government intervenes to save individuals and business from the consequences of their failures, says the resultion, the “free enterprise is dead.”

The resolution the county Republican Executive Committee passed last week says that the “bail-out plan rewards bad conduct and bad business decisions, will result in additional corporate bail-outs for which the taxpayers will be responsible, and works to destroy the free enterprise system.”

Royce King, chairman of the executive committee, signed the resolution.