Redskins in Choo Choo Bowl



Brayden Southwell (left) and Cy Dilliapree spent their Thanksgiving weekend in Chattanooga playing football for the Black Storm in the 21st Annual Choo Choo Bowl. The Black Storm, coached by Ben Hulgan, was comprised of 7 year olds from Marshall, DeKalb, and Etowah counties, along with Southwell and Dilliapree who are second graders at Oneonta Elementary. They were selected by Hulgan after he watched some game film of the two during their regular season on Oneonta’s sophomore football team. During their undefeated season with the Redskins, Dillapree had a total of 1,011 yards with 18 touchdowns and Southwell had 674 yards with eight touchdowns. Besides the honor of being selected to play for the Black Storm in the Choo Choo Bowl, both boys were selected as all-stars this past season. Dilliapree is the son of Maria Dillapree and Southwell is the son of Josh and Haily Southwell.