Readers write

Christmas: something to ponder

In my conversation recently with a good customer of ours, she related something that was profound and made me think about all she had said. In making small talk about Christmas and kids, I asked her if she had everything all ready for everyone and the kids. She said no, and that sadly she always tried to overdo it and make sure her kids had plenty; she wanted them to have more than she had growing up. But then she said something that she had been thinking on about making Christmas more simple and making it mean more to her kids, instead of trying to buy them everything:

She said, “You know, Christmas was about Christ, and the Christ child only got three gifts, and that should be symbolic of how we get gifts for our kids.” She said this would mean more to them than trying to buy everything, and she said it seems everyone today is trying to outdo each other and buy more each year for their kids. And instead of helping them, she was really hurting them and turning them into spoiled kids who did not really appreciate the true meaning of Christmas.

As she left I pondered on this and the reality of it, and if it was good enough for our Lord Jesus Christ it was good enough for our kids. I had never heard it put quite that way, but we are never too old to learn something new every day.

May the joy of Christ fill your hearts this Christmas season.
Danny Skillman