Readers Write

Liberty’s flame fades a little every day as America lurches into an unforgiving cancel culture immersed in disdain and disregard for anyone who offends our sensibilities. The beacon of hope is further diminished by narco-states to the south, a world agenda from Europe, a communist super power from our west, and those who despise America from within. In the name of anything but freedom, we are losing our freedom daily.

Today I awakened to a sense of loss as we are told there is “nothing to see here.” I also felt the rattled breath of civil discourse as it takes a back seat to hyperbolic opinions and poorly constructed narratives which water down any sense of trust we have in each other. In short, we are dissolving our American family through corrosive and ideological division with little thought of the consequences.

The truth is a simple thing… where there is freedom there is hope. We must make freedom “liberty and justice for all” our standard or we will certainly have no hope for America’s future.

Mike Cassady, Oneonta