Readers Write

I would like to make corrections to some statements that were printed in The Blount Countian on Oct. 21.

When time for public comments came, I asked to speak. I asked three questions which were misprinted in the paper.

1. I had to take a leave from my job at the center because I was paid with a check from the town. A man that was also running for council did a job for the town around Aug. 15. The town paid him with a check. I asked why he could be paid and I couldn’t. I did not get an answer.

2. The lady mentioned in the paragraph had nothing to do with that question. She was also running for a council seat unopposed. There were two executive sessions held on Aug. 3 and Aug. 10 in which she sat in on both. I told the council I thought that was illegal, but the lawyer said it had been approved.

3. My question was why did the poll inspector take a paper outside the building at 6:25 p.m. the day of election and give it to a council member who was also running for a seat. Another council member was talking to him, but walked off when she came out. She stood and talked to him about 10 minutes before going back in the building. This question was turned into a discussion about how far they were standing from the building which had nothing to do with the question I asked. I didn’t think the poll inspector should leave the building while the polls were open, especially to talk to or give a paper to a standing council member who was running for re-election. No answer on that either.

I also made a statement that “I didn’t see how someone could run for office and be elected twice after suing the town for thousands of dollars and collecting.” Only a statement of how I felt. I sent the questions to the state and have not heard from them is why I brought them to the council. Some other comments were made by a person attending the meeting that were untrue, uncalled for, and none of his business about me as a person.

Jane Childers, Snead