Readers Write

Dean Calvert’s Sept. 30, 2020, Facebook post- his words in “quotations” and mine in (parentheses and italics)

“My mistakes have caused a lot of issues in this county, (A long list of mistakes, the most recent being the N-word video) but I have been used, abused and mislead and blackmailed (Any details you would like to share in order to back up your allegations?) and you Allen Armstrong, have been a part of that. (Details?) But I want the people of Blount County to feel secure. (Yes, 50 Blount County deputies and 60,000 residents don’t feel secure about the future of law enforcement in the county thanks to you Dean.) Mark Moon I am totally behind you, (WOW, what a change from just a few weeks ago.) let’s not fear the BWWB we have been under their hypnosis (“Hypnosis”??? What the hell are you talking about?) since we started guarding the damn (sic) and we as a commission have made matters worse by the board appointee decisions there. (Were you drinking when you typed this?) They do not run our county or dictate what we do. (They have done neither, they simply won’t do business with a racist or any entity which includes a racist) I want deputies and their families to know I am going to fight for a different pay scale this coming month (Cost to county taxpayers estimated at $550,000 a year…Thank you Dean!) that would alleviate the need for them to have to work two jobs. (No deputy considers dam security as a difficult day at the office.) And I’m sure after what the other commissioners have said and how hard Judge Green has worked to keep this agreement with the BWWB they will all agree that this issue has to come to an end. (“THIS ISSUE” is YOU COMMISSIONER CALVERT… It did not exist until the N-word video appeared and you LIED about YOUR VOICE and bungled three insincere apologies.) I’m asking each and every one of you including citizens to support me and the other commissioners (You are speaking for yourself Dean… I’ve not heard another commissioner say the county has this extra half million-plus A YEAR or that it should spend that kind of money even if it had it. Just last week in The Blount Countian Judge Green said, “We don’t have an extra revenue source to fund that idea. The county would not be able to afford to unless we went back and made very substantial cuts to a budget we just have adopted.”) in this effort in the next couple of months to put our deputies pay where it should be. (Should be? They would not need a raise if the dam security understanding stays in place… That understanding and significant source of deputy pay is only in jeopardy due to your words, Dean.) Let’s not look back (Again you are asking people to overlook your actions… very self-serving) let’s move forward and change Blount County the way that it needs to be changed. (There is only one change that needs to be made… Immediately. YOU NEED TO GO!) Let’s not depend on other counties to dictate directions where we go.” (No other county is dictating where Blount County needs to go. A public body is demanding we cut loose a racist elected official.)

More “brilliance” from Dean Calvert. First, he again seeks to avoid responsibility by blaming others – other commissioners and the Birmingham Water Works Board. Then he comes up with a “plan” to spend money Blount County doesn’t have to make up for his “mistakes.”

The taxpayers of Blount County NOW clearly know the financial cost for Dean Calvert’s racist N-word video (you can see it here: Dean Calvert costs too much. It is time for him to finally be honorable, accept personal responsibility, and resign. Only his resignation can save us all a lot of money. Dean Calvert can protect 50 Blount County deputies and their families by resigning.

Ken Murphy, Hayden