Readers Write

Mr. Calvert,

As a resident, business owner, and voter in Blount County’s District 3, I am asking for your resignation as our commissioner. You have hurt this county, and you continue to do so in refusing to step down. I have visited your Facebook page, sir, and it is clear that you have carefully edited out all of the calls for your resignation, despite saying that you want to hear from us. This is evidence that what you mean is you want to hear only from those who support you. Well, the good news is that I have copied others to my letter here, as you can see, so you will not be able to remove this communication from their sight.

I am hurt in how you have conducted yourself, and, as a reflection, have hurt people of color in our community. As a woman, I was absolutely disgusted at the way you so distastefully chose to speak about my gender. It saddens me and angers me for all of my family and friends in this county to know that you are in a position to make decisions that affect our everyday lives. A person with this position should hold a moral character that is fitting of such a role.

If you are truly sorry for your behavior and the damage it has caused, I believe the people in our community will be able to forgive you. I will be able to forgive you, if you prove your remorse by humbling yourself and stepping down for the sake of the community that you serve. If you do not, we will have to assume that you are at peace with your actions and are not really concerned with how it has hurt us and continues to hurt us.

You have asked for your district to speak, so I am. Please resign immediately. In addition to the other commissioners I have copied in this email, I will also be sending this letter to Pamela Casey, District Attorney, as well as Gov. Kay Ivey’s office. Thank you for your time.

Cinamon Airhart
Oneonta, Blount County, District 3