Readers Write



On my way to do chores each day, I have to ride along the pothole and bump riddled Irvin Lane to get to my pastures. The road has been repaired multiple times, but the problems keep recurring. One of the main culprits of the street’s decay is standing water, which occurs for various reasons along the road. I have contacted my road commissioner and explained the problems and took him to the problem areas along the road to see the issues himself. He stated that he understood the problems and would address them. Some of the issues were addressed shortly thereafter but soon reoccurred. It seems to me that the county should have a more comprehensive strategy for road maintenance than just responding to emergencies when they occur.

Cars, trucks, and school buses drive along this road daily. But the road looks like a battleground because there are potholes, cracks, dips, and sinking culverts along its entirety. Irvin Lane is a handy shortcut for drivers between Boaz Highway and Highway 75, so it sees its fair share of usage. Unfortunately drivers who use this road in its current condition may be putting their vehicles and themselves at risk.

Parker Miller, Snead