Readers Write

Thoughts from a worried citizen

Why is it that Blount County is SO willing to forget the corruption that stains our recent past? Why do we quickly move on to something else when an official uses our home to enrich his/herself? Remember when Cleveland had two mayors and secret town council meetings? Remember the time the governor of Alabama had to appoint a sheriff to Blount County because ours resigned to avoid sexual assault charges? How about the heavy handed “cowboy” policing that followed? What about when Blount County was said to have more meth labs per capita than any county in the Southeast? Anyone else lose track of the number of Blount County teachers to have an inappropriate relationship with a student? If these are just a few things WE ALL went through less than 15 years ago, why is it that so many have no recollection of them? Would it surprise anyone if the newest accusations of fraud, forgery, and theft by elected officials manifested as truth?

Do you remember?

Do you care?

I didn’t think so…

Robert Sweatman
Cleveland, AL